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Examples of promotion

1 place Ukraine
Request «мотоблок нева»
1 place Kyiv
Request «стоматология на берестейской»
4 place Russia
Request «аренда автомобилей иркутск»
3 place Kyiv
Request «мультивиза киев»
3 place Kyiv
Request «стрейч пленка»
4 place Kyiv
Request «бесплатная стоматология киев»
1 place Kyiv
Request «система видеонаблюдения»
4 place Russia
Request «мир антенн»
3 place Kyiv
Request «мотоблок нева купить»
2 place Kyiv
Request «стоматология для пенсионеров»
5 place Russia
Request «мир антенн»
2 place Киев
Request «виза киев»
4 place Kyiv
Request «купить стрейч»
1 place Kyiv
Request «имидж часы»
1 place St. Petersburg
Request «спорттовары оптом»
5 place Kyiv
Request «виза киев»
1 place Kyiv
Request «купить мотоблок нева»
3 place Kyiv
Request «установка брекетов цена»
1 place Russia
Request «аренда автомобилей в иркутске»
4 place Ukraine
Request «рабочая виза в польшу»
3 место St. Petersburg
Request «картины на заказ спб»
1 место Kyiv
Request «мотоблок нева»
1 место Kyiv
Request «стоматология на берестейской»
4 место Kyiv
Request «корзины цветов с доставкой»
Other examples

What result do you expect to achieve by creating a company websites? Usually the main goal is to improve its marketing qualities. And in this case, promoting the site on LinkedIn and Facebook - the best way to achieve the following results:

  • high involvement;
  • constant growth in the number of potential customers;
  • sales growth;
  • brand awareness.

Performing professional promotion, we will bring your web resource to the forefront of the search, help promote the brand, thus making the business more profitable and successful.

What makes users visit certain sites? This is usually done for one simple reason - the need to obtain relevant (satisfies their search query) content. The same requirements apply to the resource and search engines. To make it well indexed and useful for the end user resort to SEO optimization. The essence of this process is as follows:

  • development of the resource, improving its quality and user interest in it;
  • improving positions on target queries, getting into the TOP-10 in Linkedin and Facebook advertising systems;
  • increasing the number of customers and increasing profits from goods sold.

In addition to the quality of the texts, the search engine evaluates and behavioral factors, in particular user actions. If your resource is created according to all the rules and clients, I visit it, go from one page to another, fill out the order form, write reviews, the chances of getting to the first pages of the search are quite high.

It is possible to organize the effective promotion of a resource only after a careful analysis and identification of the reasons that prevent it from rising to higher levels in the ranking. These can be problems with both text and marketing errors or poor quality content.

After their definition and elimination, it is possible to pass to the following stage - assembly of a semantic kernel. Its essence is to select search phrases that best meet the specifics of this site. They will be the main tool in promotion. The specialists of the studio, composing the core, study the queries and determine the required number of key phrases, as well as their competitiveness.

Website promotion gives good results if it is performed by professionals. After conducting a detailed analysis of the site, you can learn and evaluate the effectiveness of a particular method of promotion in terms of sales. In addition, the collection of information allows you to identify aspects that have a negative impact on the whole process and eliminate them at the initial stage of optimization. Using only transparent statistics in their work, our experts will analyze:

  • how consumers interact with Internet resources;
  • how is convenient the site structure;
  • how much traffic was managed to attract;
  • on which advertising system the money was especially spent.

This will help us determine which marketing tasks need to start SCRM promotion to achieve the main goal - to increase the number of customers and orders from them.