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The cost of promotion

The site of the advanced site and the order of payment depends on the method to be chosen:

SEO promotion

Form of payment: subscriber (once a month during site pumping)

The cost of a seo leading website varies depending on competitors in the subject and regional promotion. To accurately calculate the cost to submit an application and our manager will contact you shortly.

In SEO-promotion you get a full set of works to bring your site to the Top 10 search engines:

  • site audit,
  • compiling a semantic core (selection of key phrases for promotion),
  • internal optimization,
  • Monthly aesthetic development of the site (filling of unique content),
  • quality assurance of high-quality links.

The detailed worker list for each project was individual based on the audit results.

Contextual advertising

Form of payment: a single set of settings + pay per click (conversions of potential customers on the site)

Advertising campaign support is 15% of the budget for one of the system ads: the Advertising Directory or Google Adwords. To set up a second system of confidential advertising, we offer a 50% discount.

The cost of a click determines the competition in the subject. Send an application and we will tell you the exact price per click in your subject!

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